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If you do not prepare the surface, it could create dark holes, breaks, or jagged lines. Wood that is softer, light in color, and has less grain is great for use in wood burning. Shading and details will stand out more on the light wood. When making darker burn details, it will also show up more prominently. All of these metal tips and loops come in several designs, which will then create varying effects. The round tips are used most often, as they can be used to make almost any kind of design.

This new process allowed artists to make different shading and tints in wood, which previously could not be done. Smart’s discovery was improved upon further by eventually becoming electrified. Prepared Wood, Medium Density Fibreboard , man made boards and plywood should never really ever be burned on for several reasons. Prepared wood usually has been chemically treated and burning on it will release toxins into the air. MDF is made out of toxic materials and may cause cancer and other health issues.


There are two specific types of machines that are used to mass-produce art of this kind. Wire-point machines provide the ability to create highly detailed images and designs. Solid-point machines are configured with tips that vary in size and shape, and are often excellent for stamping an image onto a piece of wood or leather. The wood burning tool that does not have temperature control can work at about 842 degrees Fahrenheit, which is great for softer woods and on chipboard.

Examples of can be found throughout history, dating back to pre-historic time, like this pyro-engraved cup (circa AD) from the Nazca culture in Peru. In some cases Cate will burn over the color in order to change its intensity or to get the color to incorporate better with the burned portions. At times it’s more about burnishing rather than burning the surface. Challenges & steep learning curve aside, paper burning has many exciting possibilities. In the meantime, we are going to keep working on projects that are important to us and creating custom work for people who enjoy what we do. You have no idea how appreciative we are that people enjoy watching us work and want to connect with us.

“Pyrography dates from the 17th century and reached its highest standard in the 19th century. In its crude form it is pokerwork.” Your best bet is to stick to natural, organic materials like wood and gourds. Although, even some woods are unsafe – spalted wood contains mold which can be released in the fumes when burning. Always be sure you consider the material you will be working with and make sure the area is well-ventilated.

Understanding The Types Of Pyrography Pens And Their Differences

This listing is for one Flower mandala engraved wooden altar decoration. Each piece is made to order from natural materials so there will be some variation in grain pattern and color. The wood will occasionally have knots, grain marks, and varying levels of burn from the laser. The term means “writing with fire”, from the Greek pur and graphos . It can be practiced using specialized modern tools, or using a metal implement heated in a fire, or even sunlight concentrated with a magnifying lens.

  • The wood burner pen can be used on all kinds of wood and other surfaces, as it has a temperature control mechanism.
  • The heated tip is then used to burn letters and images onto wood or other materials.
  • Sandpaper is used to prepare the wood surface, as a smooth surface is more effective when burning into the wood.
  • Solid tips—similar to a soldering iron—allow for big, bold lines, while looped nibs can provide fine shading.
  • With the rise of the use of metals, it shifted to metal pokers.

It’s very fulfilling and we are excited about the future. Instagram has been a wonderful resource for us, but we want to branch out into YouTube more so our videos can have more substance. Clay and I both work full time jobs and aren’t familiar with film/vlogging so we are working hard to figure out videography and photography. We’d love to do a documentary style web show that highlights and the process of how we work. In a perfect world, we’d both being doing Pyrocrafters full time.

We are providing unique and exquisite pieces that are custom and handmade. We specialize in portraits, military plaques, animal portraits, and other pyrography pieces based in Prattville, AL. Our goal is to share this art form with others as an outlet to teach, create and tell stories. We’d love to reach out to people and connect and we are working on a few ideas that will help foster that goal. It is easier to burn soft woods with a low grain than hard woods.

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Man-made boards and such also have layers of glue that releases toxins that may not cause immediate harm but impact one later on in life. Pyrography is also popular among gourd crafters and artists, where designs are burned onto the exterior of a dried hard-shell gourd. I’m pretty sure that some of you have wood-burned items in your own family stuff.

How Is A Wood Burner Tool Used?

Even if you are a seasoned wood burning professional, the TOPELEK wood burning tool is a great choice. The shaped wood burning pen tips are made of solid metal and come in different shapes. You simply use and replace the wood burner pen tip you want to use. However, these types of pyrography pen tips do not handle delicate details very well. Malcolm Tatum Wood burning is a popular type of pyrography. Pyrography is a form of art that involves the use of burn marks to create images and other designs on wood, leather, or similar materials.